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Prevent Alzheimers



Education – Application – Motivation – Inspiration — Daily Discipline

“What New Habits Are You Building To Grow Old With?”

  —- Bruce Seidman, 2009

Our Philosophy and Vision:

Just like the Ravenel Bridge, our brains, like the sunrise you see here, need solid anchoring to prevent Alzheimer’s.  Which means…PREVENTION only takes place with new daily habits NOW:  eat more veggies…bee more social…sweat more every day (“If you’re not sweating, you’re not growing”. –Bruce Seidman, March 2006)…Breathe deeply more frequently…boost SLEEP QUALITY every single night


exercise-exercise-exercise (try pickleball! Bee Social & SWEAT!)

Learn about Alzheimers

Get an Education

You’ll learn about this disease and how it can be prevented. Yes…Prevented! Here are the top 3 needle movers (in order!).

1. Bee Social until the end (the phone counts)

2. Seek Deep Sleep (each night is an adventure).  See Bruce Seidman’s SLEEP TIPS

3. “If you’re not sweating every day, you’re not growing” — Bruce Seidman. — March, 2006

Bruce Seidman’s SLEEP TIPS (2014 to NOW!)

6 + 11 =

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